How To Learn Medicine Course

The course distils over 15 years of research, experimentation and experience into the optimal strategies for learning medicine and passing exams.

There are three parts:

  • Part 1 covers building your knowledge.
  • Part 2 covers learning the practical skills needed for OSCEs and clinical practice.
  • Part 3 covers optimising your performance, increasing your motivation, eliminating procrastination, becoming more productive and managing and boosting your energy.

Digital Flashcards

The Zero to Finals flashcards are an illustrated, colourful and highly visual tool for learning the core information in medicine and surgery.

Each flashcard includes an illustration and questions on the front, with the answers on the reverse.

They are based on the Zero to Finals content, making them the perfect addition to studying the notes or books.

Fact Trainer

Use the Fact Trainer tool to add spaced repetition to learning key facts across medicine and surgery. This tool saves you hundreds of hours building your own flashcard deck and presents the highest yield facts required for medical exams.

After testing your knowledge on each short answer question, you rate it based on your current ability.

Rate the question as easy, and it will disappear for a week.

Rate it medium, and you'll see it again in three days.

Rate it hard, and it will remain in the current pool of questions for you to review again.

Short Answer Questions

Use the short answer questions to rapidly train your free recall of critical facts across medicine and surgery.

Write down your answer before checking, then tick the box if you got it correct. 

The SAQ tool records your results to keep track of your learning and allows you to compare your knowledge across different topics.

Multiple Choice Questions

Use the multiple choice questions to practise applying your knowledge in the format most commonly used in medical exams. 

The questions have been carefully created to challenge you to apply your knowledge across the entire curriculum. To find the answer, you must fully understand the scenario and use deeper knowledge rather than superficial pattern recognition. This optimally prepares you for exams and your role as a clinician. 

Each question is followed by a detailed explanation, a link to the full notes on that topic, and a video, where available. 

Extended Matching Questions

Use the extended matching questions to quickly train and test your pattern recognition for the key facts commonly tested in exams.

The questions challenge you to select the best answer to a short question from a long list of choices. They teach you to link frequently used question stems to the appropriate answer. 

The rapid nature means you can get through lots of questions quickly, efficiently identifying and addressing the gaps in your knowledge.

Revision Tracking Tool

Use the unique revision tracking tool to record your learning sessions, results and confidence as you work towards your exams. Add an exam, select the topics you need to cover for that exam, and start recording study sessions. 

The order of the topics dynamically changes so that the highest priority topic floats to the top based on your confidence and the time since your last session. This indicates the highest priority topic, helping you effectively address your weaknesses and perform optimal spaced repetitions. 

A countdown to your exam, along with a visual progress bar, lets you know how you are progressing so that you are ready when exam day rolls around.

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