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My name is Tom. I am enthusiastic about learning and teaching medicine. I have been through medical school, survived, and completed three years practicing as a doctor. I spend my time split between training to become a GP, studying for a masters in Medical Education and working on Zero to Finals. You can find out more about me here.

I always dreamed of setting up a resource that focused purely on helping medical students achieve more in medical school and ease the burden of facing complicated and overwhelming textbooks, lectures and journals. I took a year out of training after Foundation Year 2 with the objective of making this dream a reality.

Zero to Finals is designed to provide you with learning resources to help you break through those sticking points, finally get your head around a topic you have struggled with and prepare efficiently and effectively for the exams you are most worried about.

This website is the home of everything Zero to Finals: the notes, images, questions and videos that are purpose built to help you through medical school. You can also join a discussion on Facebook or Twitter where I post questions to spark discussion that can help develop your clinical reasoning. Follow Zero to Finals in Instagram to get the latest educational illustrations.



Click here to find out my recommendations for using the Zero to Final resource most effectively in preparing for your exams. This is the method that I used to get honours in my medical school finals and pass the MRCP part 1 and part 2 on the first attempt. It is also the basis of The Medicine Manual book on maximising your time and learning at medical school.



The “learn” section is built from the ground up with your understanding, learning and revision in mind. This is the foundation of the Zero To Finals system. It contains concise and easy to digest written material on the key information you need to know to successfully complete medical school and hit the ground running as a doctor.



This section contains educational videos on key topics to help boost your understanding and learning. They focus on combining simple explanations of tricky topics with visual aids to orientate you to each topic. My ambition is to take dry and difficult information and put it together in a way that is intuitive and engaging, so that you can simply put each video on, sit back and absorb the knowledge.



The testing section contains questions on topics covered in the Zero To Finals pages. The questions are specifically designed to test your knowledge, clinical reasoning and data interpretation skills, to allow you to boost your learning, track your progress and practice for your upcoming exams.



The Zero To Finals blog is where you can find my thoughts, experiences and ideas on how to enjoy and thrive in a medical career and the best ways to learn the vast topic of medicine. It is a place for me to share what I have learnt so far over my relatively short career.



It is important that you use this website for its intended purpose: as a resource for students and health professionals preparing for exams. It should NOT be used as a resource, guideline or reference for clinical practice or decision making or by patients looking for medical information or advice. There are plenty of very good resources for this, not least your senior colleagues or personal doctor. I take no responsibility for any loss or damages resulting from the use of information from Zero To Finals. Also, bear in mind that I am not perfect, and as hard as I try, errors are inevitable. If you find any errors I’d be really grateful if you could let me know.



Please contact me with any questions, comments, suggestions or if you discover any errors.

You can email me at tom@zerotofinals.com.

You can also message me though social media: FacebookInstagram and Twitter.

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