Other Abdominal Wall Hernias

Umbilical Hernias

  • Hernias around the umbilicus
  • Due to defect in the muscle around the umbilicus
  • Common in babies and can resolve spontaneously
  • Can also occur in older adults (and behave just like other hernias)


Epigastric Hernias

  • This is simply a hernia in the epigastric area (upper abdomen)
  • Behave just like other hernias


Spigelian hernia

  • Through abdominal wall between lateral border of rectus abdominis and linea semilunaris.
  • Through spigelian fascia (aponeurotic layer)
  • Diagnosed by ultrasound.
  • Often difficult to distinguish from inguinal hernias when low
  • May lead to obstruction or strangulation.
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