Femoral Hernias

Surface Anatomy of the Groin

  • Use the “NAVY” mnemonic to remember the surface from lateral to medial in the groin
    • Nerve
    • Artery
    • Vein
    • Y-fronts (and femoral canal)


Femoral Canal

  • The entrance to the canal is the femoral ring
  • It contains mostly lymphatic tissue
  • It runs alongside the femoral vessels and nerve


Boarders of the femoral canal

  • FLIP” mnemonic
    • Femoral vein laterally
    • Lacunar ligament medially
    • Inguinal ligament superiorly
    • Pectineal ligament posteriorly


General Information

  • Occurs below the inguinal ligament
  • Weakness around the opening of the femoral canal
  • Abdominal contents therefore protrude through the femoral canal
  • Has a narrow base to the hernia therefore high risk of
    • Incarceration
    • Obstruction
    • Strangulation
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